RDF Changes: President Kagame Appoints New Division and Brigade Commanders

President Paul Kagame, who is also the Commander-in-Chief of Rwanda Defence Force (RDF), has made some fresh changes in the commandant roles with the army, appointing senior officers, including Maj. Gen Emmy Ruvusha, Maj Gen. Eugene Nkubito and Brig. Gen Andrew Nyamvumba to new roles.

Under the new changes, President Kagame also promoted youthful Lieutenant Colonels to the rank of Colonel and appointed them Brigade commanders, in what appears to be a sustained effort to raise young and well-trained officers into commandant roles within the armed forces.

According to a statement released by RDF in the wee hours of Wednesday, Maj. Gen Emmy Ruvusha becomes the 1st Division Commander while Maj. Gen Nkubito, who earlier this month completed his tour of duty as the Rwanda Security Forces Joint Task Force (JTF) commander in Mozambique, becomes the 3rd Division commander.

Maj. Gen Nkubito swaps roles with Maj. Gen Alex Kagame, who took over the reins from him in Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado Province, where Rwandan forces are helping fight Islamist groups.

As per ktpress.rw, Gen. Nkubito, who will head the division which covers Western and Northern Provinces of Rwanda, bordering the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), with headquarters in Rubavu, is known for his poise and strong leadership

In the same light, the Commander-in-Chief also appointed Brig Gen Pascal Muhizi commander of the 2nd Division, which covers parts of Northern and Eastern Province. Like Maj. Gen. Nkubito, Brig. Gen Muhizi served in Mozambique for one year as the Task Force Battle Group Commander.

Brig Gen Vincent Gatama becomes the 4th Commander while Brig Gen Frank Mutembe is the Task Force Division Commander. Brig Gen Andrew Nyamvumba was appointed the Commandant of the Rwanda Defence Force Command and Staff College (RDFCSC), based in Nyakinama, Musanze district.

President Kagame promoted the Following Lieutenant Colonels Joseph Mwesigye, Simba Kinesha, Egide Ndayizeye, William Ryarasa, Sam Rwasanyi, Issa Senono, Thadee Nzeyimana, Alphonse Safari, Fidele Butare and Emmanuel Nyirihirwe to the rank of Colonel and appointed them Brigade commanders.

The promotions and appointments take immediate effect.