HEC Grants Accreditation to ICK for Nursing and Midwifery Programs

In a letter dated September 4th, the Higher Education Council (HEC) has officially approved the application submitted by the Institut Catholique de Kabgayi (ICK) for accreditation of its Advanced Diploma programs in Nursing and Midwifery.

“We are pleased to announce that the proposed Advanced Diploma programs in Nursing and Midwifery have been granted accreditation,” stated the HEC in its report to ICK.

This significant milestone follows a thorough physical assessment conducted by HEC in collaboration with the National Council for Nurses and Midwives (NCNM) between August 16th and 18th, 2023.

The assessing team commended ICK for its excellent preparedness to launch the Nursing and Midwifery programs. This readiness was evident in the provision of dedicated facilities, including classrooms, a computer lab, a library, a skills lab, and student hostels. Furthermore, the institution had already identified potential teaching staff for these programs.

The programs of Nursing and Midwifery will be delivered in these premises, situated near the Kabgayi Level 2 Teaching Hospital

To shed light on what lies ahead, ICK News conducted an exclusive interview with Father Prof. Fidèle Dushimimana, the Vice-Chancellor of ICK.

“We received the decision from the Higher Education Council (HEC) with great joy as we’ve been diligently preparing for these programs for quite some time,” remarked Father Prof. Dushimimana.

He added, “This is a significant step forward for ICK, as it enhances the value of our existing academic offerings.”

Father Prof. Dushimimana expressed his gratitude to Monsignor Smaragde Mbonyintege, the former Bishop of Kabgayi Diocese, and the current Bishop Balthazar Ntivuguruzwa, who worked tirelessly to secure approval for these programs. He also acknowledged the prompt approval from the HEC and extended his thanks to the Ministry of Health in Rwanda (MINISANTE), the Ministry of Education (MINEDUC), and all other contributors who played a role in achieving this milestone.

Father Prof. Dushimimana revealed that they would diligently follow the recommendations of HEC to ensure that teaching and learning activities can commence in early November 2023.

The tuition fees are set to be around Rwf 650,000 per year, with separate charges for accommodation and meals.

Notably, the Faculty of Health Sciences with the programs of Nursing and Midwifery at ICK, originally an all-girls school, will now exclusively accommodate female students for the available hostels, while male students will be accommodated outside of the Campus.  

Father Prof. Dushimimana emphasized the unique advantages of studying at ICK, including its proximity to the New Modern Maternity facility and the Kabgayi Level 2 Teaching Hospital, which provides students with convenient opportunities for practical experience. Additionally, the institution’s central location in the city of Muhanga, at the heart of Rwanda, makes it easily accessible to students from across the country and abroad.

The faculty will operate near the New Modern Maternity facility

Furthermore, Father Prof. Dushimimana highlighted ICK’s historical significance as the place where nursing education in Rwanda first began in 1949.

He stressed the institution’s commitment to prioritizing ethics and moral values to shape students into skilled professionals with exemplary behavior.

In conclusion, Father Prof. Dushimimana warmly invited individuals interested in pursuing these programs to join ICK, located at the geographical heart of Rwanda.

The institute plans to initially enroll 200 students, offering only a Day section for these programs.

Currently, ICK offers Bachelor’s degrees in various faculties, including Journalism and Communication Studies, Education, Social and Economic Sciences, Business Management, and Science of Development. The addition of Nursing and Midwifery programs further enriches the institution’s academic offerings.

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It was formerly the Kabgayi school of Nursing and Midwifery St. Elizabeth, and since 2007, the school was placed in the hands of University of Rwanda
The students will have the opportunities for practice experience